Are Amana Freezers Good? (9 Helpful Tips)

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Founded in 1934 by George Foerstner as The Electrical Equipment Co, Amana Refrigeration, Inc has, year after year, been offering great home products to the American and European populace. 

But does longevity in the appliance industry warrant the price tags placed on their appliances? Are their home products that good?

Well, yes. Amana prides itself in creating products for individuals with a desire to find solutions at affordable prices. Even though Amana freezers are well-built and robust, they’re usually less sophisticated and lack most of the top-end features of most freezers currently in the market. 

In this article, we look at the Amana freezers, with more emphasis on why it is so highly rated and whether you should buy one or not.

What Is Amana Refrigeration, Inc. Known For?

Amana Refrigeration, Inc. is Whirlpool’s affordable appliances unit as a branch of the much broader Whirlpool Corporation. Amana is a manufacturer of home appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, ovens, air conditioners, etc.

Durability and reliability are two key pillars of this brand, therefore if you wish to buy a freezer with some of the sophistication of present-day technology, Amana should be your second option. 

But if you need a freezer that rarely disappoints, is good for large families, easy to use, clean, and maintain, Amana should be your preferred choice.

Why Are Amana Freezers So Reliable?

If you want to purchase a freezer that offers you excellent service coupled with simplicity and longevity, then Amana freezers are what you should go for. 

Amana freezers have an average lifespan of 17 years! This is quite a long period, given that most standard freezers at the same price usually last about ten years. 

But why are they this reliable?

Amana’s home appliances’ sturdy and robust nature, including freezers, has been ingrained into the company’s character with years of service. 

One challenge that usually comes with appliances is that prices tend to go up as sophistication develops. However, what happens when a manufacturer realizes that the market consumption of their products is on a sharp decline? Should they do away with some of the already installed features? 

We can all agree that that would be a bad idea. What then happens is that to lower the cost of production, manufacturers usually lower the quality of the product to ensure that market consumption goes up again. 

To avoid such a scenario, Amana chose to adopt the old-school approach that focuses more on retaining quality over having extra-expensive features, which are usually the cause of price hikes in most home appliances. 

What I Like About Amana Freezer

Amana freezers are highly rated and loved by people who’ve had the chance to try them. If you haven’t, worry not. Below are various features that make Amana freezers very likable.

Amazing Freezing Experience

Amana freezers come with Amana’s DeepFreeze technology that cools down items to a temperature of -8 degrees. 

If you are not comfortable with the chilling temperature, you can opt for the cold and colder options, with the colder option being the recommended choice by the manufacturer. 

These temperature control features might not seem intrinsically extraordinary, but imagine having that kind of service for an astounding 17 years. It’s just unbelievable.   

Takes up less Space

Amana freezers are designed to maximize the freezer and food basket spaces to give you the best freezing experience. 

When compared to its counterpart from Whirlpool, an Amana freezer holds more items per cubic foot. 

Highly Energy Efficient

Amana freezers are among the most energy-efficient freezers in the market. 

Amana’s upright freezers tend to perform well in energy efficiency tests due to the use of Energy-Saving Insulation technology that helps reduce the global warming potential of the freezer by 99.9%. 

Amana uses high-quality aluminum to maximize the metal’s metallurgical characteristics that allow it to transmit heat rapidly, guaranteeing highly efficient freezing. 

Most Amana freezers have an annual energy consumption of 300 kWh(Kilowatt hours).

Robust And Sturdy

An appliance that is highly rated as Amana freezers can’t make a name for itself if it is weak. 

Most faults associated with Amana freezers are usually due to abuse of the freezer.

With the right care and attention, these freezers can even last for more than 20 years.

Very Quiet

If you want a freezer beside you in the kitchen and not placed somewhere in the garage, buy Amana. 

Amana freezers have some of the best reviews based solely on how quiet they are. 

If your Amana freezer is noisy or loud, then it is faulty. 

These faults are usually that the evaporator or condenser fan blade is faulty, a failed evaporator fan motor, a damaged compressor, or a restricted water inlet valve.   

What I Don’t Like About Amana Freezers

Just like any other appliance, Amana freezers have shortcomings, some of which are easily solvable while others are quite costly to solve. 

Below are two disadvantages that come with owning an Amana freezer.  

Amana Freezers Lack Sophistication

Amana freezers are quite basic when compared to other freezers in the same price bracket. 

To put it differently, Amana builds freezers whose job is to freeze and nothing else. 

All other features that may come with the freezer are there to ensure that the freezer freezes.  

Expensive To Repair

Amana freezers are very expensive to repair. 

The company’s weak warranty policy further compounds this. 

The one-year warranty policy applied to Amana fridge freezers is a headache for many people who acquired a freezer from Amana, only for it to fail after the warranty expired. 

A major culprit with Amana freezer problems is the system leaks within the coils. The repair cost for these leaks cost an estimated $800! 

That’s quite a huge sum of money to repair a freezer, given that a new one costs roughly the same amount.

My Take On Amana Freezers

Amana is the Harley-Davidson of freezers and fridges. Their freezers are not so technology-laden but still offer the same range of services compared to the more expensive brands. 

I can assure you that the price tag placed on any Amana freezer in any store is justified. Amana’s customer support is also excellent, but only for the period before the expiry or voiding your warranty. 

The only downside to Amana’s freezers is the excessive charges that are applied for post-warranty repairs. This might chase away many potential buyers, but the good news is that these freezer faults are rare. 

Amana is a good brand, never shy away from buying from them.