Is AO Smith Water Purifier Good? (Here Are The Facts)

AO Smith Water Purifier

Tap water does not do it for me. When I think of all the pollution happening worldwide, I can’t imagine drinking water that is not purified. I have OCD when it comes to drinking water. I want it to be clean and healthy. 

At first, I tried boiling it but switched to water purifiers later on. There are numerous types of water purifiers out there. It can be hard choosing one that is perfect for all your needs. Over the years, AO smith water purifiers have become very popular. This article will go through all facts you need to know about AO Smith water purifiers. 

Is AO Smith Water Purifier Good?

Yes, it is. It has so many features that make it one of the best options in the market. With its purification technology, you can drink water that is 90% purified, whether it is from the tap or the pond. With its multi-stage purification process, it ensures that all the germs and microorganisms die. 

If you would like, AO Smith also incorporates added features such as hot water and night assists to better your experience. However, it still has its cons. For instance, they are huge and take up a lot of room, and they are also pretty expensive. 

What You Need To Know About AO Smith

When you hear of AO Smith, many people instantly think of water geysers/heaters. At first, this American multinational company only sold heaters. However, they expanded their market by launching water purifiers. Their water purifiers are mostly known for their 100% purification system. 

Depending on the type of AO Smith you order, they each have a different number of stages for the purification process. You can find an AO Smith with a purification process that involves as low as five stages, and others have as high as eight stages. Additionally, they can purify 15 liters of water in an hour on average. But this changes depending on the specific type of water purifier you purchase. 

Specifications, Features, and Technology of AO Smith Water Purifier

There are many types of AO water purifiers out there. Here are some of the features that they all have;

Purification Process

The purification technology that AO Smith incorporates in water purifiers includes many things. These water purifiers obstruct contaminants because they have features such as membranes, iron guards, and carbon filters. They help eliminate bacteria and germs from the water. Additionally, many types of AO smith water purifiers have incorporated RO and UV guard, and others use multiple-stage purification systems. Some of the water purification methods used include;

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis involves passing water through membranes where contaminants stick to the pores in the membranes. In contrast with other companies, AO Smith has the best reverse osmosis technology. They ensure their water is of high quality by installing a 5-process RO membrane. This makes the water safe enough to consume and use while cooking. 

UV Purification

UV purification is the most optimum method of purifying water. UV purification involves purifying water using a UV lamp in the motor without using membranes. The radiation in the UV lamp eliminates all the microorganisms in the purifier. The UV lamp has two filters- one for killing germs and the other for sweetening the water. It is a safe way of adding minerals to the water. 


I chose an AO Smith water filter with this type of purification technology. Ultra-filtration is more of the same thing. However, it is more advanced than Reverse Osmosis because it incorporates larger pores in size and quantity. It also comes with a 2-level extra filter that is larger compared to RO. This process happens under high pressure hence ensures water is well purified

Services After the Purchase

AO water purifiers do not need a lot of maintenance which makes the top of the list. It is a great advantage to have since you will not require maintaining the product for a few years. The company also gives buyers 1-year free services on every water purifier, saving you a lot of money. 

If you have any questions or any complaints you can always contact them using the 24X7 helpline.

You will only wait for 1 to 2 days before anyone is sent to attend to your cleaner at home. Even though these water purifiers are low maintenance, it is crucial to change the iron guard if your water has many dissolved solids. 

High Water Quality

Whether you want to purify tap water or pond water, an AO Smith water purifier will give you great results. This company has tested all types of water and proves that its water purifiers remove about 90% of germs. They remove 99% of microorganisms in tap water and 90% of germs in pond water. When it comes to water quality, you can trust them wholeheartedly. 

Contaminant-free water

The most important thing I looked at when buying a water purifier is eliminating any contaminants in water. The purification technology used by AO Smith eliminates almost all the microorganisms in the water. You can drink purified water in the comfort of your house at any time. With a multi-stage purification process, these AO Smith purifiers allow you to consume healthy water at all times. 

Are There Any Other Features Incorporated In AO Smith Water Filters?

Other than the main features and specifications in AO Smith Water Filters, there are other features I cannot fail to mention. They include;

Storage capacity

The amount of water an AO Smith water purifier can hold depends on the type and range from 5, 9, 7.5, to 10 liters. In this case, you can only choose the storage capacity based on the number of people who will use it. If you have 3 to 5 family members, you can select a 7.5-liter water purifier. If you are more than 5, go for a 9-to-10-liter water purifier. 

Night Assist

Some AO Smith Water purifiers also have a night assist feature. You can access the water purifier easily in the dark since it has a glowing effect. 

Notification Technology

It can be hard tracking every little detail in life, considering the many things happening around you. You can easily forget small details such as replacements of filters in your water purifier. However, with an AO Smith water purifier, you will not have to worry about this. 

Gooseneck Faucet

If you are like me and like to incorporate style in your home, you can choose a purifier with a fashionable swivel faucet that gives a better water output. 

Hot Water Feature

AO Smith also gives its customers the privilege of taking purified water at 45 degrees Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius. With hot water, you can do a lot- soothe a sore throat, or make tea. 

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the AO Smith Water Purifier?


Ever since I started using AO smith water purifiers; I started noticing some remarkable benefits. They include;

  • Large storage capacity
  • SCM (Streaming Current Monitor) technology 
  • Used for water with low and high Total Dissolved Solid levels.
  • Pre-Filter
  • Mineralizer Technology 


As good as AO smith purifiers sound, they have their disadvantages also. They include;

  • When the water hardness levels are too high, the warranty is reduced.
  • Their water purifiers are very pricey compared to their features.
  • They are huge and take up a lot of space. 

What About The Price?

AO Smith water purifiers have different prices depending on the series and the features. For example, the most popular water purifier, An AO Smith Z8 10L RO, goes for $280. The Z series water purifiers are pricey and range from $324 to $163. On the other hand, the X series is cheaper than the Z series, where you will find the prices range from $260 to $135.

Final Word

It is essential to drink purified water for your health. This is why you need to choose a great water purifier like AO Smith. Its quality and unique features have increased its popularity over the years. It is also essential to choose a water purifier according to your needs because there is a variety. You can even choose one with added features such as SSM technology, RO+SCMT, and hot-cold water.