Is American Signature Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

American Signature Furniture Good Quality

American Signature Furniture is known for its wide selection of designer and stylish furniture at the best deals.

But is the furniture worth the money?

Despite having a mix of classic and modern pieces of furniture, American Signature Furniture has bad reviews and a negative reputation due to its services. So, is American Signature Furniture a good shopping partner?

Is their furniture good quality?

American Signature Furniture sells some quality pieces of furniture in general. Although there are customer complaints about some of the furniture peeling off, most of their pieces are stylish and come at good discounts.

Here is all you need to know about American Signature Furniture before you go shopping.

This complete breakdown will help you decide whether it’s worth spending your money at this furniture store.

Common Problems With American Signature Furniture

If you want to know whether the American Signature Furniture is ideal for your home, you need first to understand the common problems other people have experienced.

When checking out the reviews, keep in mind that every customer has a different experience, so it might not be the same for you. Despite this, some issues are common for most customers.

As a customer, this is important because it helps you know what to avoid and what to pay attention to. Let’s look at the most common problems consumers encounter when shopping from American Signature Furniture.

Damaged Furniture

When buying from a store like American Signature Furniture, you expect quality and new pieces. However, it’s common to see customer complaints on broken furniture or pieces with damaged mechanisms.

Although the company claims it’s a manufacturing defect, this raises questions about the quality of their work.

Once you encounter this problem, American Signature Furniture provides an avenue to present a claim. You can visit their store or contact their team via email or phone.

Some furniture pieces might get damaged during transportation or set up in the house. Therefore, it’s also advisable to follow the instructions and handle the furniture well. However, if the furniture comes damaged, you have to contact the store to resolve this.

Poor Customer Service

When customers get any issues with the furniture from American Signature, the first step is to contact customer care for assistance. However, some customers have experienced poor feedback from the team, especially when following up on their orders.

Depending on your location, if you cannot reach customer care by phone or email, you can visit a physical store and talk to the staff.

This might happen because American Signature Furniture has several locations and caters to a lot of customers.

Delivery Issues

One of the most common problems with American Signature Furniture is the delivery problem. This issue is quite common with this furniture provider, from delaying customer orders to changing order pick-up times.

Customers lose trust and loyalty for a brand if the orders are not delivered on time or in good condition.

While American Signature Furniture has tried to address and resolve most of these issues, this problem needs further attention. If you want to buy furniture from this store, confirm the estimated delivery period to avoid disappointments.

Tips For Buying American Signature Furniture

American Signature Furniture might have some negative reviews, but it still offers stylish furniture ideal for your home.

Additionally, they have good deals that customers can take advantage of. Therefore, these negative reviews should not put you off from ordering furniture from this store.

To buy the best furniture from American Signature, you have to do a bit of searching. You can visit their shops or browse their website. Here are some tips to guide you when ordering from American Signature Furniture.

Check The Quality

American Signature Furniture has a wide variety of pieces whether you are looking for glam, traditional, classic, farmhouse, modern, or designer. While all these can be enticing, you need to be keen on the quality of the furniture you want to buy.

Look at the material used to avoid buying items that will fall apart soon. You should check if the material is solid, the quality of the fabric, and the general assembly.

If the item you are buying is made of wood, ensure that it’s solid enough to last long.

Avoid paying for items that will not stay long in your house. You can always consult the American Signature Furniture stores staff as you shop.

Look For The Best Deals

If you look at the American Signature Furniture website, you’ll find some pieces that have discounts and offers. Take advantage of these deals as long as the furniture is of high quality. You can save up to more than 30% on some items.

One of the incredible things about this store is that they also offer financing deals on their furniture.

American Signature Furniture offers up to 12-months of special financing on some of its products. To know whether the piece you want to buy comes with financing, you can check the website or consult the staff at a physical store.

Research Options

Although American Signature Furniture has some complaints, the experience will not be the same for all the customers. Take time to research their furniture pieces and how to handle them.

In addition, you can also take time to read the reviews to help you know what’s good and what’s not. There are different websites with information about the American Signature Furniture items with information you can use.

Researching is the best way to find recommendations and more details about the items to avoid.

Final Thoughts

Furniture companies are not perfect; therefore, you shouldn’t expect this from American Signature Furniture.

While the furniture store has had multiple negative reviews about their products and service delivery, they still offer first-time buyers good deals, discounts, and financing options.

Do the positives outweigh the negative?

Their range of inventory is impressive; therefore, I find them ideal if you are looking for different types of furniture pieces. However, you have to be keen and avoid picking the wrong items. If you use these tips, you’ll get quality furniture at the best deals.

Happy shopping!


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