all you should know to rent a wood chipper

I used to be bothered whenever I saw untidy meadows or trees growing in the wrong places. Why don’t the owners cut down these trees and store the wood I often asked. I often thought they were either lazy or unbothered until I had to rent a wood chipper myself.

I discovered that some of these owners usually delayed or completely forgot because they didn’t have or know how to rent a wood chipper. Renting a wood chipper isn’t rocket science, but it could be a burdensome task for a first-timer. If you are one of these first-timers that I am referring to, read on to find out all you should know to rent a wood chipper.

What are wood chippers?

I can’t assume that everyone knows what wood chippers are. Wood chippers are machines used for chopping wood like bamboo and log into smaller diameters. If you are in constant need of wood either for furniture or as fuel for your fireplace, you will certainly need a wood chipper on your premises.  Although they can be mounted on other vehicles like trucks and vans, they are often powered by a powerful engine. Other names include wood chippers and tree chippers.

Renting or buying which is better?

Just like me, you might be faced with one of the age-old questions most people often ask about wood chippers. Is it better to rent or to buy?  I opted for renting because of the following factors:

Renting is cheaper except you run a wood chipping business

In case you are wondering why I opted for renting over buying, here is why. The price of a new wood chipper depends on the size. While size also influences the price of renting, you will agree with me that renting will cost you less than what will cost you to purchase a new one (at least on a short term )

Renting allows you to use a tested and trusted machine (compared to a new one)

You might be excited about your new machine until you have to pore over pages of manuals trying to understand how a part works or why the engine sputters the way it does. When you rent a machine, you are renting a wood chipper that has been pre-installed, serviced, and tested after many uses.

Saves you the time and cost often associated with maintenance and repair

if you have a wood chipper, be prepared to always service or repair it when damaged but if you rent the wood chipper instead, all the cost and time associated with servicing and repairing is borne by the company the machine is rented from.

It eliminates the stress of looking for storage space for storing the machine

wood chippers vary in sizes; however, most of them are often large, which makes finding a storage space a necessity, and not an option. When you rent as I did, all you need is to find a place where the wood chipper could stay and be stored temporarily.

How much renting a chipper cost and where to rent?

If you were like me several years ago, the first question on your lips would be, “where do I get a clipper to rent.” The answer to this question is more straightforward than you thought, here it is. Wood chippers are usually available in home stores or a contractor’s office.

Renting costs is often the next issue many bother about the cost of renting a range of 100-150 dollars. This figure usually depends on the amount of time you need the chipper. Except you are clearing several hectares of land, you might only need a wood chipper for about 1- 4 hours (which equals 100- 400 dollars).

In some home stores, renting a wood chipper for longer hours’ will make you eligible for discounts. As with all cases of discounts, you will pay less and get more time (sounds like a fair deal, right?)

Terms and conditions when renting

There are a few terms and conditions that need to followed when renting a wood chipper ( please note that this T’s and C’s might vary from place to place).

  • You are responsible for fueling the machine before use.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the machine is in excellent condition after use.
  • Except on rare occasions, the rental company will not provide a truck or tractor for attaching the wood chipper too.
  • Specific paperwork needs to be signed stating your responsibility during the period the machine is with you.


  • Ensure that the wood chipper is fueled before use.
  • Ensure that the machine is not overfilled with wood or debris.
  • Avoid putting materials apart from the wood into the wood chipper.
  • Ensure that the wood chipper is effectively cleaned after use (except the rental company provides cleaning services).
  • Ensure that the machine is firmly tethered to the truck to avoid accidents.

Wrap up

Many years ago, I was like you. I needed a wood chipper, but I couldn’t get one because I didn’t know what they looked like, I didn’t know where to get one or what to do after I rented one.

Today, I have not only mastered how to rent the right wood chipper I need whenever I want to split wood for my fireplace or clear my orchard, but I have also become a custodian of this knowledge I just shared with you. So there you have it. Hopefully, the information in the following paragraphs will be helpful for you the next time you want to rent a wood chipper.

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