Is Aaron’s Furniture Good Quality? (Explained For Beginners)

Aaron's Furniture Good Quality

Beautiful furniture can cost tens of thousands to buy upfront. This makes the option of renting furniture smart for those on a budget. Aaron’s furniture is one of the most renowned lease-to-own furniture retailers in the United States. But is Aaron’s furniture any good?

Aaron’s furniture presents premium furniture pieces from leading brands like Ashley, Elements International, and Woodhaven at amazing rent prices. Aaron’s leases several furniture types from living room sets, love seats, sectionals, and bedroom sets to sofas. Their lease packages are flexible, allowing you to pick among options like 12 month-plan, 18 months, or biannual lease package.

How does Aaron’s furniture renting work?

A top-notch furniture piece could cost an arm and a leg, making it challenging for homeowners on a tight budget. Luckily, Aaron’s furniture presents a more financially convenient option.

Here is how it works.

When you identify your choice furniture piece on Aaron’s catalog, you apply. Aaron’s furniture would analyze your application, offering you a simplified lease program optimized to your current financial situation. 

Typically, these programs involve splitting the cost of your desired furniture over a length of time where you make periodic payments.

Upon completing such payments, Aaron’s will transfer the ownership of such furniture piece to you. Note that Aaron’s also provides an early purchase package if you are not comfortable with committing to a longer-term plan.

While the rent-to-own agreement is the most recognized package Aaron’s offers, there are other options on the table. 

This furniture retailer also offers lease consumer rental-purchase agreements, lease agreements with purchase options, and lease-purchase agreements.

What type of furniture can you rent from Aaron’s?  

Aaron’s furniture is reputed for its versatility. Presenting a diverse array of furniture pieces, Aaron’s ensures every homeowner – regardless of how exclusive his interior design tastes are – can procure his dream furniture pieces affordably. 

The most typical furniture pieces in Aaron’s catalog include sectionals, recliners, and chairs.

Aaron’s also offers a vast spectrum of dining, living, and bedroom sets. How about something to rest on?

Of course, Aaron’s has got the mattresses – inviting and relaxing. You can find twin, full, queen, and king mattresses on Aaron’s.

Aside from these traditional furniture pieces, Aaron’s yet offers fully integrated entertainment centers, rugs, and lamps.

What furniture brands can you rent at Aaron’s?

On Aaron’s, you can find furniture pieces from some of the most coveted American interior home improvement brands. This includes the eminent likes of Elements International, WoodHaven, and Ashley furniture.

These brands have their respective selling points, allowing you to pick the best of every category. For example, Ashley furniture pieces on Aaron’s are more optimized for homeowners keen on stylishness but unwilling to pay a premium upfront.

On the other hand, Woodhaven furniture pieces on Aaron’s are targeted at homeowners fanatic about high-quality handcrafted wooden furniture at ridiculously subsidized prices.

How much does Aaron’s furniture cost?

As you would expect, Aaron’s furniture comes at varying lease prices. From our investigation, dining sets at Aaron’s typically have a monthly payment range of $54-$240.

As at the time of writing, the Crown Mark’s 8-piece Maldives Counter Height dining table was one of the most expensive dining sets to lease on Aaron’s, costing a monthly $240.

The 5-Piece Kimonte Rectangular Dining Table was one of the cheapest we saw, costing $55 monthly.  

In the bedroom category, the monthly payment prices ranged from $30 to $280. The Adorna II Dresser Only (which comes without a mirror) was one of the cheapest, costing just above $30 monthly.

On the higher side, the 7-Piece Micah King Bedroom set was one of the priciest, coming at a monthly $260.

Lastly, monthly payment prices for the living room sets varied between $35 and $320. The 3-Piece Yarlow Coffee Table was one of the most inexpensive we saw.

It had a monthly payment of $37. Conversely, Ashley’s 2-Piece Game Zone Bark Power Reclining Sofa & Chair was arguably the most expensive living room sets on Aaron’s, costing $315 per month.

What payment packages does Aaron’s offer?

Flexibility is one thing Aaron’s furniture does so well, especially in their repayment plans. 

For most furniture, Aaron’s offers three major lease ownership packages. This includes an annual plan, an 18-month plan, and a 2-year plan. 

There is the option of automating these periodic payments with EZPay, giving you more flexibility on your payment schedule.

Does Aaron’s furniture consider your credit rating?

Most furniture lease companies tie their approval system around your credit history. The good news is that Aaron’s doesn’t count among this clan.

While not all applications get instantly approved by Aaron’s, this retailer doesn’t primarily consider your credit history before approving your lease application.

Note that in addition to your provided credentials on creditworthiness, Aaron’s would also consult third parties to better ascertain the accuracy of your submitted credit documentation. This is especially in online leases.

In-store leases are a bit different. Aaron’s officials will request you clarify your earnings, where you stay, and at least three guarantors. 

What do you need to apply to lease furniture at Aaron’s?

Relax, Aaron’s knows you need a beautiful home, not overwhelming bureaucracies. This explains why their lease application process is that simplified.

The application requirements for an online lease are practically the same as for an in-store lease. Both applications require your name, where you stay, phone number, income details, SSN, and your official identity card.

In situations where applicable, Aaron’s will request the contact information of your references. 

It will take anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days (from when you applied) for an online lease request to be approved. 

It could be longer for in-store leases. In some cases, the approval period for the latter could stretch into 60 days.

How much does Aaron’s charge to deliver your furniture?

Here is another beautiful thing about renting Aaron’s furniture. They don’t charge you a delivery fee to get your furniture in your house.

Upon successfully signing the lease agreement, Aaron’s staff from your local store will get in touch promptly, feeding you on the anticipated delivery date.

Should all logistics projections go according to plan, you will get a call from your local store 24 hours before the projected delivery date to arrange a time suitable for the furniture piece to be delivered to your house. 

While delivery is free, Aaron’s furniture expects you to make life a bit easier for the installers by preparing your home for accelerated delivery and setup – if need be.

For example, the pathway to the specific room where your furniture piece would be set up should be cleared. 

Also, Aaron’s officials expect you to be equipped with your ID so their technicians can finalize the documentation upon installation.

Can you pause your lease payment for Aaron’s furniture?

Aaron’s understands circumstances could arise where you may need to return your leased furniture before finalizing all payment for that furniture piece. 

Therefore, Aaron’s furniture lease agreement integrates a unique clause called the Lifetime Reinstatement. What does this mean?

In situations where you return your leased Aaron’s furniture before completing the payment, Aaron’s allows you to resume your periodic payment without starting afresh.

This way, you can retain the same furniture piece with similar lease conditions as you enjoyed before you paused the program, starting right from where you stopped.

Does Aaron’s furniture come with a warranty?

Yes, Aaron’s furniture pieces are decked with a dedicated Limited Extended Warranty, depending on your state. 

Unless you are in North Carolina or Washington, the Limited Extended Warranty can span two months after ownership.

There are American states where customers with Aaron’s Club program paid membership to enjoy product service protection for their furniture for up to 12 months after ownership.  


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